Being Rich Can Make You Dumb — Especially If You’re A Man. The Spilling Of The Acquisition Drive

It is probably now clear, to people who have been able to witness it firsthand, that wealthy people share a consistent pattern of pathological behaviors. These behaviors lack originality, and create a stereotypical curve of personal degradation in many wealthy men.

Some of those destructive behaviors related to acquisition of wealth are:

- lack of respect for the law

- crossing other people’s boundaries by exerting too much control, either physically or psychologically

- obsessive worship of hedonism and pleasure-seeking behaviors

- abandoning intellectual, spiritual and humanistic pursuits,

- collecting meaningless objects

- ascribing a nonsensical amount of meaning to purchasing luxury products.

A degradation of personality manifests itself, when the person becoming bland, boring, obnoxious, unimaginative and emotionally worn out by their own exploits. The habituation to stimuli occurs, when too much stimuli is delivered on a continuous basis. In the case of consuming wealth, the stimulus of reward wears out the neurobiological machine of the wealth hoarder within a short span of time.

The drive to acquire, spills over other drives and motivates men to crave a transactional relation to young, attractive women. A transactional relation where the woman is in a position of servitude. Remembering that domination, destruction and acquisition can replace the sexual drive, suddenly it becomes clear why it pleases a man to destroy, dominate, and buy a service from a woman, not from a man. Like using that faulty map, a man is completely unaware of, the drive to dominate, prove one’s superiority in relation to another person’s inferiority, even if such imposed dynamic is completely fictious, spills out onto everyday life situations and derails the man’s cognitive processes.

It seems that sex workers are the pinnacle of the satisfaction of all four male drives. They satisfy the sexual drive and as they are literally “bought”, the transaction satisfies the acquisition drive. Their dignity and status are obliterated by this transaction (in the man’s head) — satisfying the destruction drive. Their position is perceived as a type of servitude — thereby satisfying the domination drive. All drives satisfied with one act. “Whores” exist solely for the benefit of men, who crave and seek their services. It is really surprising, viewing human society from an outsider’s point of view, that the word “whore”, describing a provider of a service entirely dictated by the male fantasy, is also one of the gravest insults a man can say to a woman. In fact, there isn’t a more emotionally loaded female epithet. Sex workers cater to men, exclusively to satisfy their sexual needs. Their position is created solely for that purpose, so it is a paradox that they very same group that benefits from their services, openly loathes that position. This is an obvious sign of a deep self-loathing men have for themselves, and the illogical construction of the male psyche. The compartmentalized emotions and primordial drives are locked in a dance of self-annulling expectations, making it look like men don’t know what they want. On one hand they demand that women are well groomed and look pretty, but they ridicule feminine products and beauty related behaviors. They enjoy seductive apparel but are condescending and disrespectful towards women who wear revealing clothes. They crave sexually open women, and consider them lowly and unworthy of respect.

Men gain a quasi-confidence from buying sexual services from sex slaves. Men, who engage with sex slaves, paying them money, so that they have sex with them, become completely delusional in assessing their own attractiveness, their sexual performance and the ability to attract a positive response from women, who are not sexual workers. Carrying over those false beliefs into the real world, leads to series of misunderstandings. There is this tendency for some men, as proclaimed by one such idiot one time in the middle of the street, who yelled “I had prettier women than you”, a tendency to mix up the idea of willful sexual engagement with a paid-for coitus with a woman who definitely didn’t want to have sex out of her own volition. Paid sex may include making up compliments regarding the man’s prowess, skill and genital appearance. The sex worker must pretend to look pleased with the engagement, faking a whole range of nonverbal and verbal behaviors. These are things that many sex workers are required to do as part of their paid sexual service. The extent to which men are willing to believe that those are all sincere and heartfelt expression on the part of these women, really shows the magnitude of male cognitive incompetence, when sexual desire clouds their judgment.




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K. C. Rova

K. C. Rova

Check out my book “The Male Logic Fallacy” here: or on amazon:

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